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  Our Team is pleased to be able to give you a lot of pleasure with our products.

Our love for nature and Björn 's love for bees brought us to the idea of selling honey and honey Honey Products start

We have selected the most delicious varieties for you.

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Björn Dangeleit.

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Honey - a coveted food

For at least 10,000 years, honey has been used for human consumption. It was always considered a special treat, for for a long time honey was the only sweet food that existed. And also the bees were admired and admired because of their hitherto inexplicable ability to produce this god's food.

But honey tasted not only delicious, but also gave people special powers. For example, during the first Olympic Games, athletes were able to access unprecedented peak levels by drinking honey water alone.

This fact is easy to explain, because honey supplies the body and the brain with a large number of easily usable carbohydrates that are rapidly converted into energy.

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